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This project is the result of many individual efforts. ​​​​​​​​​​The U.S. uses over 20% of our energy from nuclear sources. It's up to all of us to push for energy solutions that won't compromise our land, water, animals and future generations.

Together we can generate positive change!

Everyone Can Do One Thing

Host a screening or event in your region or neighborhood. Download our screening kit that lists everything you need to host a screening in your home, community center, gallery, church, school, or organization. Visit our "Host a Screening" Page for more information.  The more people who see the film, the more change we can generate.


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We'd love to hear from you. Do you have a comment to share after seeing Crying Earth Rise Up or hearing about the film? Has something in the film resonated with you or your community? Please share your feedback on our Facebook, Twitter or use the form below.

Maybe you're inspired to post a video testimony or song?  Creativity is infectious!

Sign & share our petition urging changemakers to protect sacred water. The Energy Commission is responsible for ensuring the safety of our energy policy. Contact your local commission and ask questions about the safety of uranium mining, nuclear fuel, waste storage, water safety, the transportation and sale of uranium on the open market, etc. Encourage cleaner alternatives.

For a link to your Representative or Senator's address, click here.


We are humbled by the generosity of all who help the Crying Earth Rise Up film and campaign. There are many ways to contribute:

  • To make a donation, click our Paypal link or email us for other ways you can help. 
  • Host a fundraiser screening event.
  • Sponsor a drive at your school or church.
  • Buy some merchandise (a coffee mug, t-shirt or water bottle make great gifts!). Please visit our Cafe Press page.
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"Thanks to all the waters of Mother Earth for quenching our thirst and providing us with strength.Water is life.We know its power in many forms-waterfalls and rain,mists and streams,rivers and oceans."

Nichole Ann

PBS Viewer

‪"Was flipping through the channels last night, wanting to see what was on ‪#PBS‬ when I noticed they were talking about a uranium mine, the only mine like that is the one close to my parents home by Crow Butte so my interest was piqued. Lo and behold I was right, they were talking about the southern Black Hills.


I think everyone is America needs to watch this documentary and ask why uranium is still mined. Why it is still mined is a no-brainer, greed. There is enough uranium in storage and everything above and beyond that is pure profit. The world's largest uranium mine owners and the mayor of Crawford (most likely in the mines pockets) don't seem to care about the people, the animals and the Ogallala Aquifer...#cryingearthriseup‬ ... hits close to home. Really close. Excellent work you've done bringing this issue to a much broader light."


Portland, OR

"I was lucky to see this great documentary tonight about Uranium mining in the Black Hills, thanks to the organizers of the One Flaming Arrow Festival.  I found it to be moving and informative, showing many perspectives of a huge fight against more destruction of the earth's heart and poisoning of water, of life itself. I highly recommend watching it..."

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Donate to our work with water scientists to train indigenous and community groups on best practices to test water, collect & analyze data. This step in our outreach ensures everyone can access to the pure drinking water.

To help support our training work and testing kits, contact us, or donate on our paypal page and note "water testing". 

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