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Host a Screening


Thank you to all who we have heard from who want to screen Crying Earth Rise Up in their home community!


We invite you to share the film with your friends, Tribe, colleagues, environmental organization, local politicians and anyone interested in positive energy solutions and protecting sacred water.  


Screenings can range from intimate home viewings to large events. 


We have outlined all you need to get started to host a successful screening.  Start by downloading the "STEPS TO SCREENING CRYING EARTH RISE UP" HERE.


Download the Viewer Discussion Guide HERE.

Director Suree Towfighnia shares the film with Niles North High School's WHO Club.

Debra White Plume at Left Forum in NY

Debra White Plume speaking at the Left Forum in NY following a Crying Earth Rise Up screening.

People gather for a screening of Crying Earth Rise Up; an event hosted by the American Indian Student Cultural Center at the University of Minnesota.

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